Croatia's social sports application Sportening officially launched after raising more than 6m Euros.

The social platform Sportening created exclusively for sports fans, officially launched after securing over 6 million Euros, the most significant investment is coming by Real Madrid star and Golden Ball winner Luka Modric.

Existing investors in the app include Sasa Dragic, founder of the gaming company Superbet Group, and Ralph Ho, former chief operating officer of Sequoia Capital Global Equities and Peter Teal's Clarium Capital.

The app was founded in Croatia in 2020 by Ivan Klaric and will soon open an office in London.

According to renowned footballer Luka Modric, Sportening has great potential to unite fans. The app allows fans from all over the world to meet in chat rooms, surf, rate players and view personalized updates on the latest news for their favorite teams, which is not available anywhere else.

Luka Modric said: "When I first heard about Sportening, it seemed obvious that something like this should exist - a social network for sports fans. But when you look at the market, there is no such thing. If we take football alone, there are three billion fans around the world, so the potential is huge. When I saw how passionately the Sportening team wanted to build something unique for the fans, I immediately wanted to support them. I wouldn't be here where I am today without the fans, and their recent absence from the stadiums underscored how important they are to the game. Now I want to contribute something in return by helping Sportening build the largest and best online fan community. ”

Sportening is a social "vertical" application - one of the first in the world - and connects people with a specific shared interest, away from the noise found in the mass social media channels. The mission of the app is to provide opportunities and connect fans, transforming the way they can interact with each other, while providing them with a personalized social space for meetings, exchanges and a sense of closerness to the teams they love.

The app is already popular, growing by 60% per month, with most users coming from Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. It already has over 250,000 registered users in just ten months and now attracts 2,000 new fans a day. The new funding will be used to continue its rapid growth in 2022 and in 2023, targeting 6 million fans of the platform by the middle of next year. The app currently caters to football fans, but plans to expand its offering to other sports, such as basketball and American football.

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